Maxence GERARD - The artist

Agde, Joutes agathoises
Acrylique sur toile

Maxence GERARD
was born August 27, 1951 in Agde ( South of France) in a family of artists. Very young, he enters the workshop of the regional painter André Boul. This meeting will be decisive in his life, especially for his artistic taste regarding painting.  

" If I had to summarize my painting in a few names, I would say I am the result of eclectic influences ... the portraits of Frans Hals, the colors of Vincent Van Gogh, the graphics of Norman Rockwell, the atmospheres of Edward Hopper " .  

Figurative painter ( landscape , portrait ) , Maxence GERARD is inspired by places highly varied like the South of France , the Arcachon basin , Brittany, Paris , London, New York, Montreal , etc.  

Since 2012, he made his first sculptures and bronzes as part of the workshop of the sculptor Sylvie Roubes.